Beacon Business Capital does not charge any fees or add any layer of cost to the acquisition of financing for your company. As the direct lender derives a profit from extending you a credit facility for working a capital, a small percent of those fees are paid to the loan officers who are responsible for booking your business as a new account.

When a professional business Advisor or Referrer has introduced the client to the direct lender, the same income paid out by the lender is simply split between the Loan Officer and business Referrer.

Loan Officers and Business Development Managers are more than willing to share their income with professional Advisors or Referrers because they receive full credit for the income volume your business brings toward their sales quotas. Additionally, the direct lender encourages their loan officers to work with professional Advisors and Referrers to help them deploy funds to make their own quotas imposed by the bank that provides a credit facility to them.

Beacon Business Capital does not charge any of our clients or prospective clients any type of application fee or financial consulting fee for our services. All fees and income earned by Beacon Business Capital are paid by the lending institution/s after financing is secured on behalf of our client.