There are a lot of funding companies out there, but there are few that truly understand how to effectively service temporary staffing companies with accounts receivable financing. Because providing Staffing Industry Payroll Financing is one of the most specialized financial products we offer with a depth of first-hand experience, you’ll find we’re passionate about getting results for temporary personnel services. We’ve provided funding for the temporary staffing industry since 1997 and we’re uniquely qualified to understand the financial hurdles you need to clear and give you the support you need to come out on top. We provide accounts receivable financing through payroll funding for temp agencies in need of $10,000 to $50,000,000.

Are you looking for a Funding Only program to consistently meet your payroll financing requirements? Your fast track growth potential often requires greater funding flexibility than a traditional bank or common alternative lender with strict underwriting criteria is willing to accommodate. Beacon Business Capital will help you discover a program designed specifically for high volume staffing firms that require a steady source of capital to manage growth. As your volume increases, Beacon Business Capital will provide the cost effective funding you need to meet payroll, expand your business by quickly taking advantage of opportunity and take in extra profits.

Are you thinking of outsourcing the responsibility of your Back Office to fully focus on expansion? Younger staffing companies often find it makes financial sense to outsource their back office rather than being mired in time-consuming administrative chores that get in the way of growing your business. A Full Service Back Office Solution can help you achieve maximum back office efficiency with minimum effort. Custom staffing support services provide funding for weekly payroll, payroll checks drawn on the bank of your choice, payroll tax payments, weekly profit checks, 940, 941 and W-2 report preparation, invoice distribution, extensive weekly reports and analysis to help you increase hours and profits, personalized payroll checks and invoices, and credit and collection assistance.

Lastly, are you a Permanent Placement firm that has the opportunity to accept a temporary personnel contract that is office clerical or office professional in nature? If so, Beacon Business Capital can help with providing a Staffing Employer of Record for your temporary and contract workers while they are on assignment, acting as their legal employer while providing Back Office services and Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage, General Liability Insurance, and in some cases, Professional Liability Insurance.

Whether you are seeking Funding Only or Full Service Funding, at Beacon Business Capital, success means understanding your business goals from the start. And it’s measured by your satisfaction as we deliver a brand of highly personalized services that swiftly and surely lead you to that next level of success. Beacon Business Capital helps staffing companies across the country attain unprecedented growth through easy-access funding. Call us and learn how we can help you improve your business and take advantage of new opportunities today! 713-828-9085