Agriculture Grower Financing in Latin America

In addition to funding US agriculture, Beacon Business Capital provides international factoring services to growers / farmers in Mexico and throughout Latin America by providing a credit facility to lend against agricultural produce sold to US buyers. Once Latin American growers ship their produce and it is accepted by creditworthy broker-wholesalers in the United States, we can immediately fund invoices to accelerate cash flow and avoid 30-60 additional days of waiting for payment from American debtors. All account services and documentation are provided to our Latin American growers in Spanish and bilingual account executives service the funding relationship.

Agricultural Produce Wholesaler Financing

Beacon Business Capital provides working capital funding to US broker-wholesalers who receive product from Latin American growers and sell to creditworthy buyers in the US and Canada. Once produce is sold to buyers who verify delivery and acceptance of the product, the invoice is funded and capital is immediately available to pay growers as necessary to take the transaction out of the PACA trust. Beacon Business Capital provides credit facilities to lend against fruit and vegetable produce receivables for broker- distributors nationwide to ensure timely purchases and payments to growers through peak season.

Beacon Business Capital offers domestic and international factoring solutions for agricultural produce growers in the US and Latin America as well as for produce broker/distributors here in the United States. We’re seasoned experts at financing receivables for growers in Mexico and funding receivables for many other industries throughout Latin America. Applications for financing are available in Spanish as well as English and bilingual account executives are available to service your account and bookkeeping records in Spanish as needed. Call Beacon Business Capital today to discuss expediting your cash flow as a fruit or vegetable grower or US broker-distributor today. 713-828-9085.