Beacon Business Capital is a Houston-based factoring company that specializes in funding oilfield services throughout the US as well as Internationally inclusive of Latin America and the Caribbean. A flexible accounts receivable financing program that converts invoices for delivered product and services into immediate operating capital can be a short or long term solution to the working capital your oilfield company needs to meet overhead and continue to accept new business that pays on credit terms.

A flexible accounts receivable factoring line of credit allows you to immediately access capital based on the credit strength of the customers you sell to rather than your balance sheet or a complex credit scoring system applied by banks. If you are ready to eliminate the stress and anxiety associated with limited cash flow due to slow pay accounts, give us a call to discuss your financial needs and we’ll devise a funding program that is a fit for you. Beacon Business Capital provides both domestic and International Factoring in Canada, Western Europe, Mexico and South America. We provide factoring credit facilities from $10,000 to $25,000,000.

Common Oilfield Services Factored

Drilling or Plugging, Acidizing and Cementing, Crane & Aerial Lift Operators, Vacuum Trucks & Excavators, Trenching Services, Site Preparation, Fracking Services, Electrical Contractors, Grading & Excavation, Rig Mats, Flat Hose, Flowback Testing, Sandblasting and Painting, Roustabout Services, Sand Suppliers, Completion Services, Disposal Wells, Gravel Suppliers, Tank & Pipeline Cleaning, Casing Suppliers, Filtration, Environmental Services and Reclamation, Pit Cleaning, Pad Builders, Well Servicing and many more. We also fund progress billing or lump sum construction projects (like plant construction/installation, site construction, pipeline welding and installation, etc.) as well as time and material refinery turnaround/shutdown projects.

Are you ready to discuss the financial needs of your domestic or international oilfield services company? Call Beacon Business Capital at 713-828-9085 to discuss your commercial finance requirements. We’ll quickly determine the funding platform that is right for your business.