Beacon Business Capital provides funding for large and small manufacturing companies that encounter bank challenges and equity shortfalls as they continue to grow. This can cause real problems for payroll and materials acquisition to keep production moving forward. The manufacturing industry is diverse, but factoring or accounts receivable financing is recognized as a leading solution that provides for expedient working capital based on the creditworthiness of the buyer or customer rather than balance sheets and complex credit scoring systems applied by banks.

Whether a plastics or packaging manufacturer, a custom machine shop or fabricator, the challenges are primarily the same; the need for more operating capital as your accounts receivable balance balloons as a result of slow pay credit term accounts. Beacon Business Capital offers a solution by means of a flexible factoring line of credit that allows you to fund the invoices you select only when you need the money instead of collateralizing your equipment. As your business and your receivables balance increases, so does your access to capital, which means ready availability of cash to take advantage of new opportunities. Talk to us about getting the money you’ve already earned in 24 hours instead of 30-60-90 days from now. We provide manufacturers with credit facilities from $25,000 to $25,000,000.

Are you ready to discuss your domestic or international manufacturing or fabricating business growth requirements? Call Beacon Business Capital at 713-828-9085 and share your needs with us. We’re ready to design a funding program to help you grow and prosper.