Legal Funding is a general term used to describe several types of litigation financing. Beacon Business Capital helps plaintiffs and attorneys in need of capital acceleration with pre-settlement funding and post settlement funding as well as other lawsuit funding products listed below.

For Plaintiffs (injured party)

Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Funding empowers the injured party to meet their pressing financial obligations while waiting for their case to settle. Being involved in a protracted legal battle can take an enormous amount of time and money. Often times the injured party is incapable of working and swiftly runs through savings and retirement funds. Legal actions can last several months or several years, even after a favorable verdict. Continued delays can ultimately lead to foreclosures and bankruptcy for a plaintiff if the case is not settled quickly. Large insurance companies and other corporate giants have the capital to outlast most plaintiff’s cash and force a premature and unfavorable settlement whenever possible.

If you are being forced to settle for a cash award that is significantly less than you deserve due to lack of funds or financial challenges, plaintiff pre-settlement funding is the solution that offers cash advances to plaintiffs against the future award expected from their lawsuit without a forced early settlement. There is no financial risk for the injured party with pre-settlement funding. This type of lawsuit advance funding is referred to as “non-recourse” which means you do not have any personal liability to repay the loan if you do not collect on the suit. There are no application fees or initial fees to pay to get a cash advance on your lawsuit and there are no income requirements or personal credit inquiries.

Plaintiff Post Settlement Funding can be acquired for virtually any type of litigation. Even after a settlement has been reached, it can take weeks and even months for compensation payments to be forthcoming. These continued delays can cause unnecessary anxiety and unbearable financial pressure, especially if you are unable to work and continue to fall behind on typical living expenses. Instead of waiting through continued delays on your lawsuit settlement payments, Beacon Business Capital can get you a cash advance on your settlement proceeds within 24 hours of your application review. This type of lawsuit advance funding is also a “non-recourse” loan which means you have no liability to repay the loan if the defendant does not pay. There are no application fees or initial fees to pay to get a post settlement cash advance overnight and there are no income requirements or personal credit checks. Beacon Business Capital is a Houston Post Settlement Funding Company.

Attorney Funding

Attorney Funding is a general term used to encompass all types of financing associated with lawsuit loans, law firm loans, lawyer loans, practice loans, case funding, attorney lines of credit, etc. Unlike traditional businesses, plaintiff attorneys incur huge expenses associated with case preparation in expert fees, discovery fees, paid salaries and general overhead to enumerate just a few. The sum total of these expenses can quickly deplete much of a firm’s working capital resources for a very lengthy period of time before a receiving a fee.

Consider for a moment your case development costs versus your expansion plans. Chances are they’re at odds with one another. Attorney Funding is the financial tool successful practices use to stay ahead of their competitors. Attorney Fee Funding is literally a financial tool that strengthens the financial position of a growing practice. Bank lines of credit are typically limited by the personal financial strength of individuals. And the financial covenants associated with bank loans are often untenable. Growing law firms often times need far greater credit facilities than a bank will provide and simply miss out on opportune cases due to temporary depletion of operating capital. Managing your case load is critical for every law firm, but managing your cash flow is of equal importance, if not greater.

Rather than waiting weeks or months to realize payments from settled cases, Beacon Business Capital can help you access this readily available working capital almost immediately. Leveraging the immediate availability of settled cases allows successful attorneys to grow their practice by accepting larger and more profitable cases without hesitation and launch aggressive marketing or advertising campaigns that bolster bottom line profits.

Unlike bank credit, there are no up-front fees to pay or any kind of monthly principle or interest payments. There is no cost to your firm until your fee is paid. As a “non-recourse” loan, you have no liability for repayment in the event of the defendant’s non-payment. Beacon Business Capital is a Houston Legal and Litigation Funding Company that has the capital resources to finance legal fees of $10,000 to $20,000,000 or greater.

Structured Settlements

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people receiving structured settlement payments, you know this type of settlement provides for ongoing payments over time rather than a single lump sum payment. If you find yourself in a situation where the money you have already been awarded would better serve your needs in a single payout, Beacon Business Capital is a Houston Structured Settlement Funding Company that services all states. Periodic payments are acceptable to many plaintiffs, but unforeseen circumstances or sudden opportunities have a way of quickly changing financial perspectives. Structured Settlement Funding, or a settlement cash advance, is about getting what is already been awarded to you right now in one lump sum. Call Beacon Business Capital at 713-828-9085 if you would like to discuss selling your structured settlement for the full value of your case.