Companies that pay their manufacturers or suppliers up front and then wait lengthy time periods to be paid by their customers after delivery can take a toll on working capital. Setting up a factoring credit facility with Beacon Business Capital can eliminate cash flow woes and put your business in position to grow and expand.

Factoring the invoices you choose to fund allows your company to receive up to 90% of the total invoice amount immediately and receive the other 10% of your invoice once your customer pays less a small charge for assuming the credit and collection risk of your client. If your bank credit line is not meeting your operating capital needs, talk to us about getting the money you’ve already earned in 24 hours instead of 30-60-90 days from now. We provide funding for distribution companies in need of credit facilities from $25,000 to $25,000,000.

Are you ready to discuss the domestic or international distribution of your manufactured product? Call Beacon Business Capital at 713-828-9085 and tell us your story. We’ll act quickly to put together a financing program to expedite your cash flow to help pay suppliers and take advantage on new opportunities today.