A well-capitalized commercial lender with the expertise to finance a broad spectrum of industries is invaluable to growing companies. Beacon Business Capital (BBC) offers a diverse portfolio of nationwide working capital loans for commercial and industrial companies, commercial real estate and investment residential loans, and provides for flexible structuring of equipment loans. Our specialized and tailored financing provides timely and uninterrupted operating and investment capital to the following general business industries:

Construction Contractor Factoring

Construction Contractors regularly work within the confines of their own limited cash on hand to stay current with labor payroll, suppliers and taxes. This stretches their ability to meet obligations, complete projects in a timely manner, and more importantly, to grow. We fund pay applications for commercial subcontractors to expedite cash flow so they can avoid waiting on general contactor or job holder credit terms of 30+ days for payment. Our credit facilities enable construction subs to perform multiple projects simultaneously knowing they have access to immediate liquidity based on the creditworthiness of their client.

Oilfield Services AR Funding

The oilfield can be a wild ride measured by cycles of booms and near-busts over time as O&G service companies well know. When the barrel is up, realized pay terms can easily reach 45-60 days. When the barrel is down, experienced pay terms go to 60 days and well beyond. Reliable access to capital to offset slow pay accounts and the ability to service new business opportunity is paramount to the continued growth and success of small and medium-sized oilfield companies. BBC offers credit facilities to lend against domestic and international accounts receivable to accelerate cash flow for services rendered or products sold. Whether on a rig or in a plant, onshore or offshore, in the US, Mexico or elsewhere, we can provide for your continued success with an expedited AR Funding program for your business.

Temporary Staffing Payroll Funding

Payroll Financing for the temporary personnel industry addresses the lifeblood of every staffing agency – paying temps on time every time. Large and small staffing firms require a steady cash flow to successfully manage growth. Whether slow or accelerated, continued placements results in an ever-increasing accounts receivable balances while the agency waits to be paid. We provide AR Financing for staffing companies nationwide with a program designed to effectively service the special nuances associated with fulfilling payroll and tax obligations of personnel agencies nationwide. In addition to funding, BBC can provide a full-service back office solution which helps businesses achieve administrative efficiency with minimal effort on the company’s part.

Manufacturing Asset Based Lending

Growing manufacturing companies can often experience equity shortfalls and bank challenges that can negatively affect their payroll and materials acquisition abilities. Slow pay credit term accounts or sudden delinquent accounts can cause an unexpected escalation of accounts receivable balances that result in an immediate need for more operating capital in a short period of time. In these situations, BBC can step in and provide a working capital credit facility.

We can offer a line of credit to fund receivables and inventory only as the company requires it instead of being forced to collateralize equipment or pull equity out of real estate.

Distribution Funding

Companies that pay manufacturers or suppliers for product up front and then wait on extended credit terms to be paid by their clients can be negatively impacted by working capital shortfalls. BBC can fund accounts receivable for domestic and international distribution companies in need of accelerated cash flow to fulfill new orders for continued growth and expansion.

We help distribution companies with the operating capital necessary to overcome product or material acquisition and bridge the gap between delivery and payments from customers.

Produce Growers & Distributors Invoice Factoring

BBC provides credit facilities to lend against fruit and vegetable produce receivables for wholesalers, distributors and brokers nationwide to ensure timely purchases and payments to growers through peak season.

We also offer international factoring services to growers / farmers in Mexico and throughout Latin America by providing a credit facility to lend against agricultural produce sold to US buyers. All account services and documentation are provided to our Latin American growers in Spanish and bilingual account executives service the funding relationship.

Information Technology Accounts Receivable Financing

The information technology industry is often payroll intensive. Many large IT projects and contracts require multiple IT personnel working full time and are oftentimes handsomely compensated by high hourly rates. Pay rates and frequency of employee or contractor compensation versus credit term receipt of payment can cause payroll challenges for IT companies that wait 30-60 days for payment.

BBC provides accounts receivable financing for information technology companies to meet payroll, taxes and overhead so business owners can meet the demand of current projects while taking advantage of new business opportunities.

Healthcare Medical Receivables Financing

Revolving credit can be an important tool for healthcare service providers needing to manage the time between collections and disbursements while dealing with delays in reimbursement. BBC can provide a working capital finance platform that makes an enormous impact on a healthcare company’s financial stability and ability to grow. We offer revolving lines of credit that are collateralized by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance.

Transportation Freight Bill Factoring

BBC provides freight bill funding to long distance over the road or OTR carriers, county-wide hot shot services, oilfield truckers and many other transport companies in need of operating capital to keep stay on the road without interruption.

We offer flexible programs that allow owner operators to control their business by choosing only invoices they need to fund to receive cash in their operating account almost immediately. Regardless of size or time in business, we offer multiple levels of transportation and freight bill factoring.

Litigation & Legal Funding

BBC offers Litigation Financing to injured parties (plaintiffs) and attorneys in need of immediate cash flow for pre-settlement, post-settlement, and overall lawsuit funding. Also known as lawsuit loans, law firm loans, lawyer loans, practice loans, case funding, and attorney lines of credit, this type of financing is considered a “non-recourse” loan, meaning the borrower does not have liability to repay it if the defendant does not pay or you do not collect on a suit.

Plaintiff pre-settlement funding offers cash advances to injured parties against the future expected reward from their lawsuit, barring a forced early settlement. Plaintiff post-settlement funding is more versatile, allowing funds to be acquired for work and living expenses affected during the duration of the lawsuit as well as overnight cash advances for settlements. We also fund structured settlements.