Beacon Business Capital is a recognized provider of equipment and technological financing solutions. We provide leasing and loans for a broad spectrum of asset classes, from heavy industrial commercial equipment to business technology. Our customers do business in the United States and Canada across a myriad of industry sectors from heavy construction, corporate aircraft and commercial transportation to healthcare, carwashes and software and just about anything between.

Heavy Equipment Loans and Leases

Beacon Business Capital provides the right type of financing that companies of all sizes need to acquire or refinance equipment. Has your business been awarded a construction or transportation contract and you need additional equipment to fulfill the job? We have the expertise to create customized leases and loans to help you perform and complete contracts. Has a recent industry downturn or economic turbulence caused the need for refinancing and improved payment terms? If you have less than perfect credit and cannot obtain financing from the bank, Beacon Business Capital can provide a customized financing solution that will work for your company and your current situation.

Beacon Business Capital can help provide Leases and Loans for the following industries and equipment types:

Construction, Manufacturing and Industrial, Oil & Gas, Tractors/Trailers, School Buses/Motor Coaches, Mining, Marine, Logging/Forestry, Aircraft, Rail and more…

Beacon Business Capital can provide the following Lease and Loan Financing Solutions:

Term Loans/Equipment Loans, Capital Lease/Finance Lease, Sale Leaseback, Equipment Revolver/Equipment Based Line of Credit, TRAC or Split TRAC Lease, True Lease/Tax Lease

Beacon Business Capital offers a number of financial products designed to help you lower your monthly payments or refresh your equipment fleet. Our transaction sizes range from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 and are set up on 3-7 year terms. Let us review the needs of your transaction and quickly structure a financing solution to meet your needs.

Commercial & Professional Loans and Leases

Beacon Business Capital is a provider of equipment and software financing solutions that fulfill the needs of virtually any business. We provide financing programs to companies of all sizes and tenure and offer distinct financing and lease platforms for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, resellers and franchises to name a few.

We offer commercial, light industrial and technology financing solutions for equipment needs up to $1,500,000. Flexible loan terms can be acquired for up to 84 months with 100% financing which can include shipping, taxes and other expenses for commercial equipment. And our funding options can begin with deferred payments which help you begin driving revenue immediately.

Commercial Equipment Financed

Computers and Software, Printing and Packaging Equipment, Titled Vehicles and Trucks and Trailers, GPS Systems, Material Handling Equipment, LED lighting, Auto Repair Equipment, Waste and Recycling Equipment and more …

Healthcare Equipment Financed

Diagnostic Imaging, CAT Scan, Ultrasound and Mammography Equipment, Surgical and Therapy Machines, EHR and MRI Systems, Practice Acquisition and Expansion, Lab and Analysis Equipment, Specialized Furniture, Computers and Software, Telecom Equipment and more …

Technology & Software Financed

Laptops, Tablets, PC’s and Monitors, Hardware and 100% Software including Renewal, Subscription, Cloud, Servers and Data Storage, Telecommunications, Printers and Copiers and Scanners, Audio Visual Systems and more …

Franchises & QSR Financed

Industry Equipment, POS Systems, Furniture and Fixtures, Signage and Canopies, IT Hardware and Software, Remodels and Reimaging, Expansions and Acquisitions, Leasehold Improvements, New and Used Equipment and more…

Convenience Store, Fuel and Car Wash Financed

Ground-Up Projects, Canopies and Signage, Underground Tanks, Refrigeration, Dispensers, LED Lighting, POS Systems, Coffee Machines, Coolers, Tunnels, Vacuum and Water Systems, In Bay Systems, Polishers, Laundry Facilities and more …

Hospitality Financed

Industry Equipment and Assets, Furniture and Fixtures, POS and Reservation Systems, IT Hardware and Software, Telecom, TV and AV, LED Lighting, Soft Goods and more …

Commercial Vehicles Financed (up to 15 years old)

Commercial Trucks, Commercial Trailers, Moving Trucks, Dump Trucks, Delivery Vehicles, Limousines, Fleet Vehicles and more …

Surplus, Idle and Distressed Equipment

We can help quickly sell off surplus, idle and distressed special assets and much more. Rolling stock, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, construction equipment, industrial equipment, etc. Call to discuss your equipment liquidation needs. We can also help locate used equipment throughout the United States.

Are you ready to discuss equipment financing? Call Beacon Business Capital at 713-828-9085 and share your needs with us. We’ll quickly determine the right equipment financing platform that is right for your business at this time.