Beacon Business capital offers a diversity of commercial loan platforms that serve the short and long-term financial needs of many industries. Our loans are designed to be accessible to the majority of businesses committed to growing their companies beyond the limitations of traditional bank lending. With our assistance, credit challenges affecting working capital, commercial real estate opportunities, or asset acquisition will never disrupt your production or delay growth again.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Beacon Business Capital offers nationwide commercial and investment residential loans. We strive to tailor our lending options to meet the needs of our customers. BBC provides lending solutions designed for investment residential, multi-family, and commercial properties delivered through conventional and specialized products. Our alternative programs fulfill our borrower’s goals by replacing the uncertainty of bank loans with limited paperwork and expedited closings.

Accounts Receivable Financing/Factoring

Accounts Receivable Financing, or Factoring, is a sound working capital platform designed for companies that sell a product or service on credit terms and have a limited line of credit, recent losses, under-capitalization, or simply do not fit the lending requirements of traditional banking. Companies utilizing accounts receivable financing, also known as AR Financing, are more readily able to meet payroll and overhead as well as add product or inventory, all while continuing to grow and take on new business without consuming critical liquidity.

Accounts Receivable Funding releases capital tied up in slow-pay receivables in hours rather than the 30-60-90-day time frame companies are typically scheduled to receive payment. A Factoring Credit Facility allows for immediate cash advances to businesses based on invoicing for delivered product or rendered services.

An AR Finance Program can be in place in a few short days which is a far timelier alternative to the time-consuming uncertainty associated with bank underwriting and credit committees. Because a receivables-based line of credit is established primarily on the credit of your customer’s creditworthiness rather than that of your own business, set-up and funding is a relatively quick process.

Construction Contractor Funding

If you’ve mobilized and commenced one or more commercial projects but struggle with the cash flow to stay current with suppliers and payroll while waiting to be paid by the general contractor or job holder, Pay Application Funding, also known as Construction Factoring, is the solution for progress billing often associated with commercial construction.

Construction factoring allows commercial contractors to receive funds as soon as they submit a pay application to the general contractor or job owner. We wait to be paid while your business has immediate access to cash flow for labor, suppliers, and taxes. When necessary, we can help with a letter of assurance to your general contractor to vouch for your ability to manage and complete the job without cash flow challenges.

Supply Chain Financing

Corporations purchasing products and materials from a large network of domestic or international suppliers may need support to improve cash flow and reduce accounts receivable carrying expenses. Beacon Business Capital offers two types of Supply Chain Financing determined by negotiated payment periods with suppliers and vendors: an AR Program or Promissory Note Program.

With a completed application and records check list, we’ll be able to provide a terms sheet in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. By enhancing a business’ liquidity position and expanding supplier terms up to 120 days, BBC positions domestic and international companies to pursue and acquire new business opportunities with unsecured financing (no collateral, no UCC filing required).

International Trade Financing

Beacon Business Capital helps companies navigate the challenges and potential problems associated with international sales by providing funding solutions that minimize foreign credit risk and establishing credit facilities that extend supplier terms and increase overall cash flow.

We provide credit insured non-recourse accounts receivable financing in a number of foreign countries including many regions traditionally avoided or underserved by banks and private lenders. BBC offers a specialized expertise in factoring receivables throughout much of Latin America and the Caribbean. We regularly fund invoices for companies exporting product or services to Mexico and provide financing to companies in Mexico that export products and services into the United States. Industries we commonly finance internationally include manufacturing, wholesalers and distribution, fruit and vegetable produce growers and distributors, food and spirits, transportation and logistics, oil and energy, service companies and more.

Equipment Loans, Leases, & Liquidation

Many industries rely on different types of equipment lending platforms for their growing or mature business. Beacon Business Capital can help with nationwide equipment location and acquisition, refinancing, collateral loans against wholly owned equipment, or simply assist you in liquidating surplus equipment for top dollar by connecting you with the right buyers over the globe.

BBC typically offers heavy commercial, light industrial, and tech equipment financing solutions along with flexible loan terms for up to 84 months with 100% financing. These funding options sometimes begin with deferred payments that allows the business to drive revenue instantly.

Asset-Based Lending

Asset-Based Lending (ABL) is a loan platform structured by securing a company’s accounts receivable and inventory as collateral. Because ABL is based on business assets that are intangible or have high turnover, commercial lenders are typically able to offer significantly more cash flow than traditional banks applying complex scoring systems that include balance sheet ratios and cash flow projections.

ABL works best for manufacturers, distributors, and service companies whose balance sheets are leveraged due to inconsistent demand or erratic industry cycles that strain cash flow. This funding option also works well for companies experiencing restructuring, turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, or buyouts.

A prime candidate for ABL financing is an undercapitalized company that has well performing accounts receivable, is growing faster than the company’s cash intake, and has an annual sales volume of greater than $10 million dollars. These companies generally seek and qualify for advance cash amounts between $500,000 and $25 million.

Purchase Order Financing

The two most common reasons a company seeks Purchase Order Financing are limited cash and limited credit from suppliers. PO Funding is geared toward meeting the needs of manufacturers and wholesalers who do not have the cash flow to fill an order from their customer.

For smaller companies, purchase order financing enables them to accept much larger orders than they typically have in the past. This type of funding bridges the gap for a small company filling a large order that consumes liquidity and strains cash flow with payment being weeks or more away.

Credit Insurance

Beacon Business Capital can offer credit insurance to companies wanting to protect their accounts receivable against damaging debt. Typically, private insurance companies provide businesses coverage to protect them from protracted default, insolvency, or bankruptcy. Credit insurance can be used to protect international and domestic trade credit transactions.

Beacon Business Capital works with a licensed and tenured national credit insurance brokerage firm that has established relations with a number of global credit insurance carriers. We help your company acquire a comprehensive and cost-effective credit insurance policy with multiple quotes and varying coverages. Let our decades old brokerage partner provide valuable insight and comparison on over 20 top insurers to mitigate your risk today.