SBA Loans for Small Business Owners:
Buy, Build, Improve or Refinance
Owner-occupied Commercial Real Estate

Every day I answer questions from potential clients about obtaining the gold standard of commercial funding – the SBA Loan.  
Any business owner can apply and take advantage of a Small Business Administration government guaranteed loan.  Perfect credit is not required, but if you have good credit, cash flow and equity in your business, all the better.  If you don’t qualify for a traditional commercial loan or you’ve been turned down by your bank for an SBA loan, this doesn’t mean you cannot obtain one.  You’ve simply been turned down by the credit and underwriting requirements of that particular bank or lending institution.  We can often help with a more favorable underwriting approach. The SBA does not lend money but does guarantee the repayment of a large part of the loan. It’s this guarantee that allows some SBA lenders to offer more flexible solutions – and why it’s such a good choice for small businesses. 

SBA programs deliver high loan amountslow interest rates and long repayment terms with far better terms and conditions than conventional loans.

Beacon Business Capital is currently facilitating SBA Loans to all operating industries.

Beacon Business Capital collaborates with business owners to give guidance on application documents, review of financial statements, performs financial analysis of required cash flow, and presents completed packages within credit policy requirements.  We’re often able to position companies to be funded in a 30-45 day period.  We’re determined to move swiftly for your SBA Loan requirements and our programs never require a change from your current deposit or banking relationship. #sbaloans #sbalending #sba7a #sba504 

Use of Funds:

Owner Occupied Real Estate purchases or improvements,
Expansion, Refinance Debt, Working Capital,
Inventory, Equipment, Partner-Buyouts 

Don Brown

Mailing address: 2001 Timberloch Place, Suite 500 The Woodlands, TX 77380

AR Finance – Factoring for Commercial & Industrial, Oilfield, Construction, IT, Physicians, Temp Staffing & more

Without interruption, Beacon Business Capital continues to finance accounts receivable for U.S. and Canadian companies selling products or services on extended credit terms.  Working with a wide spectrum of industrial and professional clients, we help businesses bridge 30-120 day AR carrying expenses by immediately funding their commercial invoices so they don’t have to wait protracted time periods to be paid by their customers.

Our funding programs are based primarily on the creditworthiness of the companies paying the invoices rather than a complex credit scoring system applied against your business. We work with both new and mature companies – small business to lower mid-market companies experiencing accelerated growth, turnaround or special situations that allow us to deliver creative liquidity solutions.

Commercial & Industrial – distributors, suppliers, manufacturing, fabricators, machine shops and more

Construction – we help commercial subcontractors cash flow projects including draws and progress billing

Oilfield – product sales & services, pipeline construction, site work, labor payroll, consulting and more

Refineries & Plants – turnaround services and labor, lump sum contracts, construction, time and material and more

Professional – IT consulting, telecommunications, temporary staffing, engineering and more

Physicians – credit line (not factoring) $250k+ for medical providers with insurance AR as collateral

Give us a call to discuss your business and working capital needs.  We offer additional alternative financing options for working capital as well as numerous commercial and investment real estate financing and construction loans.

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BBC provides #equipmentfinancing solutions w/approvals & vendor paymnts in hours for start-ups & seasoned companies w/needs of $5K-150K. Owners w/credit scores >625. Comp. rates/terms A to C- credit. Purchase equipment w/our contactless electronic approv. & 100% ACH vendor payments. Rolling stock/ construc/mining/oilfield & more. Expedited approval 713-828-9085.

Picture of rolling stock equipment

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Nationwide equipment lending in hours rather than days for New and Used Equipment $5k to $150k.

Purchase a wide spectrum of equipment in hours with our contactless electronic approval and 100% vendor payments via ACH. Online tracking of loan details available anytime from a mobile device.  Enjoy easy access to payment history, loan balance, and even request additional financing. Rolling stock, construction, mining, oilfield, industrial, manufacturing, medical, technical, POS, furniture and more.  Call for expedited approval 713-828-9085.

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Performing, modified, or defaulted
Merchant Cash Advances
into a 24 or 36-month term loan with

This consolidation is not a Debt Settlement. ALL MCA’s are paid off at closing. Reduce your total monthly payments into 1 Monthly payment and SAVE 60% to 80%+.


Businesses with $1,000,000 or more in gross revenue; Merchant Cash Advance total balance of all advances is a minimum of $150,000; Must have predictable cash flows such as accounts receivable on balance sheet, customer subscription payments, contracts, master service agreements, residual income, etc; Business Assets such as cash, stock, inventories or commercial real estate helps with qualification.

Life Preserver on beach_consolidation rescue




Is Additional Working Capital Available?
Yes, additional working capital is available at closing in addition to the MCA refinancing.

What if I have more than 1 Merchant Cash Advance?
There is no limit to the number of Merchant Cash Advance “stacks” or multiple simultaneous advances to be refinanced.  All MCA positions are paid off and consolidated into a ONCE-PER-MONTH PAYMENT 24 to 36-month amortized loan.

What if I have Missed, Altered or Defaulted Payments?
These situations are solved.  Businesses with 3 or more MCA payments will typically and eventually default when they are unable to receive a new advance to pay the previous ones.  We’re here to help companies that regrettably took Merchant Cash Advances in desperation.

What if I have been Declined by my Bank or the SBA?
We’re here to help. Traditional Banks and the SBA will not typically originate new loans to companies with Merchant Cash Advance liens.  The Small Business Administration usually requires a business to be free of MCA loans for 6 months to be considered for a loan.

What if I have an SBA Loan or took SBA Disaster Assistance?
We lend to businesses where we are subordinated or pari passu to/with the SBA or a traditional bank loan. We encourage every business to take advantage of the government-issued SBA Disaster Relief.

What if I have Factoring / Accounts Receivable Financing in place?
We are fine with factoring arrangements and will subordinate our lien position behind the factor as long as we are in second lien position behind the first position of the factoring company.  We can also pay off the current factoring loan (funded AR and fees) along with the MCA loans and roll it all into a ONE MONTHLY PAYMENT 24 to 36-month amortized term loan as an option.


  • Businesses typically save 60% to 80%+ on their current total monthly debt service payments on 2 or more MCA loan payments that are charged daily or weekly fees.
  • Pre-qualification and approval subject to simple application and basic records.
  • Term sheets issued to qualified businesses with proposed consolidation financing.
  • $150,000 to $5,000,000+ refinancing available.
  • There are NO FICO (personal credit score) requirements.

Clients must fill out and submit simple requested records to pre-qualify. 

Please no over-the-road / long haul trucking submissions and no California businesses.

How do I get started?   Contact us by clicking here 
We’ll quickly confirm we can help your company with a consolidation loan and provide you with a brief application to get started.


Financing New and Used Equipment from $5k to $150k for new and seasoned companies throughout the U.S.

Purchase a wide spectrum of equipment in hours rather than days with our contactless electronic approval and 100% vendor payments via ACH.

Rolling stock, construction, mining, oilfield, industrial, manufacturing, medical, technical, POS, furniture and more.

Call for expedited approval 713-828-9085

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TEREX Cranes for Sale

Our client services a customer looking to sell their surplus cranes – package deal preferred. All equipment currently in Chile.

Please call if you have an interest in purchasing.
2007 Terex RT 780 5888 hours
2009 Terex RT665 1800 hours

2009 Terex RT665 1900 hours
2009 Terex RT130 17,144 hours meter broken or missing
2016 Terex RT230 435 hours

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